Below are links to various resources located externally to the Survivor Resources website. We hope you find this page useful. We will add to the list regularly so be sure to check back again.

Addiction Center “4 Ways Grief can lead to Addiction”– Grief can be an overwhelming feeling. It can last days, weeks, months, or even years. It’s a response to the death of a loved one, a relationship, or any other meaningful situation in your life. Because grief is so emotional and can cause anger, frustration, depression, and anxiety, it’s our natural reaction to want to avoid this pain. Humans are taught to avoid pain. Everyone deals with their grief differently. Some people move away or change jobs; others might cry. Some may be unable to express how they feel, while others lash out at those around them. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. There are many ways grief can lead to addiction; here are a few.

Grief Helps – Grief Helps offers a variety of no cost on-line resources to support the grieving.  You will find information, encouragement and inspiration from blogs, mini-videos and books, photography and more.  The site is managed by James E. Miller, a writer, photographer and presenter who has written many books and created many videos on loss and grief.

Grief and Addiction TreatmentGrief and addiction are tragically connected, with one often causing or worsening the other. Rehab can help individuals cope with both and end the cycle.

Compassion Books – Compassion Books offers a large selection of books in the areas of loss and grief.  Easily navigated, their website has books for helping people of all ages from losses due to aging, illness, homicide, suicide  and divorce.  Books range from simple books for children to books for professionals. All books, videos and CDs carried by Compassion Books have been carefully reviewed by trained professionals and persons who have experienced similar losses.

MNDPS – Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Nova – National Organization for Victim Assistance.

Peyton Tuthill Foundation – The Peyton Tuthill Foundation was founded by Pat Tuthill who was confronted with an unspeakable tragedy when her 23-year-old daughter Peyton was raped, tortured and murdered by an unsupervised probationer who transferred from another state to Denver in 1999. The Peyton Tuthill Foundation “Hearts of Hope Scholarship” starts accepting applications each March for college scholarships awarded to children who have lost a sibling or parent to homicide to help them reclaim their lives.  Peyton believed “that we should all leave the world a little better place than we found it.” Her legacy inspires the Foundation.

MN Office of Justice Programs – The Minnesota Office of Justice Programs is a resource for victims of crime.  Crime Victim Reparation applications are available on the site as well as victim service providers by county.

Office for Victims of Crime – The federal government website for resources throughout the US.

Bureau of Justice Statistics – Bureau of Justice Statistics has a wealth of information on various crimes.  Information is available for individual states as well as national statistics.

The Chris Wivholm Foundation – Our Mission is to raise funds to sponsor cutting-edge neuroscience research on addiction and high school scholarship for kids, who struggle with addiction but graduate in spite of that and pursue higher education.

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Grief- People who suffer a loss will experience grief in many ways. While some can come to terms relatively quickly, others will look for external ways to cope. Alcohol has become an all-too-common means of dealing with that grief.

Understanding Grief: Symptoms, Types and Effects of Grief- Learn about the different ways people grieve, how people work through grief and when therapy or additional treatment is necessary.