Testimonials from Surviving Family Members

“Thank you for coming to our family as an angel in our difficult hours, as one who listened and understood and cried with us, and then listened some more. You have been an anchor for us, putting words on feelings we didn’t know how to express and allowing us to nurture hope in very dark circumstances. Please know we are very grateful to have you walk with us on this awful journey.”

– Rosann Juenemann, Wife of Don


On Support Group Meetings

“Sometimes just what you need shows up . . . that’s how I feel about finding Survivor Resources.  The facilitators are true guides on this grief journey.  This group has created new friendships – a circle of people who understand heartbreaking loss.  We are encouraged to express our reality without judgment.  I often refer to group as my “air” – I’ve been able to keep breathing all these months because of their emotional support.  I’m immensely grateful for Survivor Resources’ one-of-a-kind assistance for anyone who needs it.”

– Theresa E., Accident/Overdose Group


“I have been part of Survivor Resources for a little over a year after the suicide of my son Keith. It has been an extremely hard year, lots of tears sleepless nights and anxiety of just trying to figure out how to cope and breathe. Life has changed and I’m still trying to figure out what my new normal is without losing who I was and who I am. I’m not done with this journey, it will go on for years but I’m gathering many tools on how to cope with holidays, people and just life. I will continue to grow and hopefully learn enough to help others through their tragedies. I will be a survivor.”

– Cheri Kappas, Suicide Group
Proud mother of Keith King
RIP 9-19-2017


“There is nothing more comforting on this suicide loss journey than being in a room with people that totally and completely understand where you are and where you’ve been. The care, compassion and unconditional acceptance in that room is like no therapy, friendship or family member I have ever had. These people “get it” and I am forever grateful.”


– Toni Plante, Suicide Group


“I never thought I would need a support group, but after my son died, I found that there are very few resources available to walk through grief with.  Survivor resources and the team here have been uniquely qualified to facilitate and understand grief and all the layers to it. I never expected to need this but having just reached the two-year milestone, I can honestly say this has been a life altering experience and the friendships and caring of those that have experienced similar loss cannot be adequately valued. I never realized how hard it is in our society to talk about grief, but thankfully there is a safe place to do so where everyone understands that which no one wants to have to. Thank you all!”


– Becki Hamilton, Accident/Overdose Group


“This program has been so important to my healing. Losing my son to suicide this year is one of the hardest things I have had to do. This group lets me be me and helps me to put periods on the questions I have. I can’t imagine trying to manage it this on my own. With the whole family grieving as well, it is difficult to find someone to talk to, or help me with my thoughts. This group provides that stability for me and therefore allowing me to help my family through their grieving. I couldn’t continue without this group.”

– Anonymous, Suicide Group


“The support group meetings have helped put some sanity in the insane happening. My shattered family would not be as healed as it is without the group’s help. It means so very much to join together with others that honestly understand what it means to experience homicide.”

                                                                                                                                         – Sue Maher, Mother of Josh

For Community Members

“[Survivor Resources Executive Director] Margaret McAbee visited my family almost immediately after the murder and has been a continual source of ongoing support…I feel I could call upon her whenever, even many years later.”

– Kristen Horner, Sister of Mary Beth

For Law Enforcement

“The difference [Survivor Resources] has made is spectacular. [Survivor Resources] has lessened the stress that law enforcement personnel experience as they handle homicide and suicide cases. Law enforcement has gained more recognition from the survivors and the community when they solve these cases. But lastly, and most important, the person who committed the crime is forced to pay a higher price for their actions. Courts are now recognizing the impact these crimes have on survivors and are willing to listen to how it has affected them and the victim’s circle of friends. [Survivor Resources] will always be remembered as the high point of my career.”

– Joseph Corcoran, Retired Homicide Commander

“Often times the [Survivor Resources] involvement has been a key element in maintaining a positive relationship between the police and family members of murder victims. These relationships are essential to solving crimes within communities and groups that are reluctant to cooperate with the police.”

– Sergeant Neil Nelson, St. Paul Police Department

“Improved communications brought about by [Survivor Resources]‘ involvement has given families a better understanding of our roles as investigators.”

– St. Paul Police Homicide Investigator