Grief Resources and Crisis Response Services

Survivor Resources is a non-profit organization that offers support groups, crisis response, grief support and other services for families of victims of death due to homicide, suicide, accidental overdose or violent deaths. Serving the Greater Metropolitan area of the Twin Cities since 1995, Survivor Resources’ volunteers, employees and board members have been compassionately providing individuals with crisis response and follow-up care after unexpectedly losing a loved one.

About Survivor Resources, grief supportServices:

  • Liaison between police, county attorney’s office and grieving families
  • Help maneuvering through logistics post-death
  • Immediate crisis support from those that have suffered similar loss
  • Support during the viewing of the body
  • Education, training and consultation
  • Explaining autopsy procedures and results
  • Assistance notifying friends, family and children
  • Resources for cleaning the crime scene
  • Debriefing or processing the events surrounding the death
  • Media interaction assistance
  • Arranging for families to meet with police investigators
  • Helping find appropriate grief support