Survivor Resources offers crisis response, grief support and other services for families of victims of death due to homicide, suicide, accidental overdose and violent death. Our volunteers and employees provide compassionate follow-up care to clients who have unexpectedly lost a loved one. Services include:

  • Help maneuvering through logistics post-death
  • Liaison between police, county attorney’s office and grieving families
  • Immediate crisis support from those that have suffered similar loss
  • Support during the viewing of the body
  • Education, training and consultation
  • Explaining autopsy procedures and results
  • Assistance notifying friends, family and children
  • Resources for cleaning

Support Groups

Support GroupsAn ongoing service of Survivor Resources is our Support Groups, which are available for individuals and families who would like to receive support, and to connect with fellow survivors. Trained, experienced facilitators lead weekly or semi-monthly meetings. Even if your loss occurred years ago, it is never too late to seek emotional support through groups, and we welcome you.

“Don’t avoid me. Tragedy is not contagious. If you are uncomfortable with me because you don’t know what to say, then give me a hug and tell me that you care. Be patient with my moods…If you ask me how I am, be prepared to listen. When I am hurting, I have a great need to talk about my situation with someone who is truly willing to listen.” 

– Jayne Buckles, For Families and Friends: A Guide to Helping NICU Parents

Types of Support Groups

  • Adult survivors of suicide
  • Adult survivors of homicide
  • Adult survivors of accidental death
  • Adult survivors of overdose
  • Young Adult Group
  • Youth Group (temporarily on hold until we can meet in person)

Support Groups are free of cost, but do require one-time, pre-registration for space and planning purposes. Please contact Survivor Resources and indicate the following:

Meeting Times and Locations